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Introducing the most comprehensive Strength & Conditioning program

 Off, Pre & In-Season training

 Warm-up and recovery drills

 130+ exercises, 3 hrs of video content

Get access to exercise drills of international athletes

Price:                   INR 11,427

Offer Price:          INR 7,428 ($93)

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Get International standards for Off, Pre & In Season Training

Radhakrishnan Chakyat, Founder - Pixel Viilage


Work on your weaknesses, increase your tactical skills & technical ability.

You will learn the contrast method, upper body, CARE program, acceleration movement skill & multi-directional speed with daily schedule.


Compete at your highest level in pursuit to win the championship.

You will learn the French contrast method, upper body super sets, CARE program, Special Strength for Maximal Velocity, & Beach Conditioning with a weekly plan.


Focus on functional movement and strength development.

You will learn the Otago circuit, speed development, pro agility drills & energy system development with step-by-step video exercises & reps.

Want to be as fast as Bolt and strong as Samson? Improve your:


Multi-directional speed


Energy systems

Metabolic conditioning

Peak Force

Warm up like a PRO!

Pillar Preparation

Upper & Lower Extremities with Soft tissue, mobility & activation exercises with sets & reps.

Movement Preparation

In-detail Hip & Neural activation, Dynamic stretching & movement integration with sets & reps.

Hurdle Mobility

Get coaching cues on positioning during exercises like lateral skip, lateral lunge & more.

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35% OFF

Diagnose & Treat your players from:

Finally, learn about 100 point recovery system!

Learn from coach with experience in training many international athletes

AT Rajamani

Strength & Conditioning Coach, Rajasthan Royals

Do not forget about certification from Rajasthan Royals


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